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Thank You For Your Reservation Request!

The process to confirm your reservation is as follows.


We will send you an email with detailed information about your request
(rates, cancellation policy, etc.).


You check the detailed information. If all is well, please send us a reply saying that you would like to make a formal reservation.


After that, we will send you an e-mail for online credit card payment
for pre-payment.


After the payment is completed, we will officially start arranging the Maiko.


When the arrangement of the Maiko is completed, the reservation is confirmed.


There are two things that are required to finalize the Maiko arrangement.
One is a seat, and the other is a Maiko. Seats can be booked immediately.
However, it usually takes one to two weeks to arrange a Maiko.
If it is high season for tourism, it may take more than a month.

The prices are as follows

2 persons

66,500 yen/person x 2 persons

= 133,000yen

3 persons

48,500 yen/person x 3 persons

= 145,500yen

4 persons

38,500 yen/person x 4 persons

= 154,000yen

5 or more persons

34,000 yen/person

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