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Flow of "Maiko Ozashiki Experience Plan -UTAGE KAIGAI-" until the reservation completion.

Our staff will support you by Email until the day of your reservation so that international guests can make reservations with confidence. All reservations are handled in English.

Request Reservation

Confirmation of reservation details

Online credit card payment

Confirmation of reservation

Day of event

※All reservations are handled by email. Our staff will assist you until the day of the event. Please choose the start time of your appointment from 12:00, 17:00, 18:00, or 20:30.

​※All reservations must be communicated by email.

​※All reservations are handled in English.

What is Request Reservation?

Request Reservation is a tentative reservation. After receiving your Request Reservation, we will arrange the maiko and interpreter-guide as soon as we confirm the online credit card payment.

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